Winter Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

There’s something magical about a winter wedding.

Imagine the possibilities: a range of colors from pure white and sparkling gold to deep red and burgundy, a roaring fire and delicious comfort food-inspired menu. Don’t forget the flowers! If you’re going seasonal for your wedding, we’ve found some wintry bouquets by New England florists that are sure to inspire your search.

The Local Bouquet | Isa Images

Flou(-e)r | Amber Jane Barricman Photography

Cherryhill Flowers | Jaimie Macari Photography

Judy’s Village Flowers | Sabrina Scolari Photography

Cherryhill Flowers | Sabrina Scolari Photography

Flowerthyme | Carla Ten Eyck Photography

Stoneblossom | Ned Jackson Photography

Sayles Livingston Flowers | Sabrina Scolari Photography

Grandiflora Designs by Nancy Birch | Sara Zarrella Photography

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