Wedit: An Alternative to Traditional Wedding Videography

When you’re trying to plan a wedding on a budget, often one of the first things to get cut is videography. However, if you ask married folks their biggest regrets in regards to wedding planning, many will list NOT getting any video footage of the big day as their one regret. If a pricey videographer is not in the budget but you want those toasts and fancy dance moves captured on film, Wedit may be an alternative worth exploring.

A friend of mine told me about this service just this past weekend and I have to say, I’m intrigued. The basic premise is this: They send you 5 HD cameras (they recently upgraded to iPod touches) and you hand them out to your most-trusted guests to record different aspects of your wedding. Included with this is one year online hosting and a easy share option, along with digital download of all footage. For an additional fee you can chose an editing package as well. The current online promotion offers the cameras for as low as $349 if you pay in full and use the $100 off promo code.

After watching a few videos, here is my quick pros and cons list.


1) affordable

2) fun and different

3) allows your guests to get involved – maybe you even have a creative genius or two amongst your crew!

4) captures several different perspectives


1) the video is often shaky and/or dark (it states in the FAQs that the cameras work best in areas with natural light)

2) you are entrusting an unpaid guest, not a professional, to capture the right moments (and not get drunk and leave one of the cameras in the restroom!)

3) if you add an editing service, the cost can still add up to nearly $1,000

Wedit definitely seems like a fun option, and I’d be interested to hear from people who have used it.  You can view sample videos on their Vimeo channel to help you decide if it’s right for you.


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