Two Are Better Than One: Why You Should Say “I do” to Two Wedding Photographers

By Dahlia DeHaan | Photography by Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC

When it comes to your wedding day photos, most brides and grooms will agree that more is, well, more. Nobody wants to look at their wedding album and say, “I wish we had more photos of the reception,” or “I wish our photographer captured the ceremony at another angle.”

At Southern New England Weddings, we agree that hiring two photographers definitely has its advantages. Award-winning Rhode Island wedding photographer Nicole Gesmondi of Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC, who works with her husband Paul photographing weddings, shares her reasons why having two photographers is better than one.

1. Cooperation produces beautiful work.

Two photographers capture physically different perspectives of the same moment, such as the exchanging of the rings or the first dance. Two photographers can plan ahead who will be where and when, and be responsible for photographing certain events, throughout your wedding.

2. Men and women offer different perspectives.

Even when photographing the same subject, Nicole and Paul go about it differently due to their different creative and visual “eye,” which, like most things, is influenced by gender. Everyone sees the world through a different lens, which creates a huge variety of wedding photographs to look back on for the rest of your life.

3. One photographer can’t be in two places at once.

Two photographers can capture moments that are occurring simultaneously; for example, both partners getting ready for the wedding at the same time. Paul may photograph the groom getting ready for the wedding, while Nicole may photograph the bride doing the same.

So much happens during the wedding reception, so two photographers can equally divide the room and capture everything as it happens. For example, one may photograph the cocktail hour or get detail shots of the reception space, while the other focuses on photographing the families of the newlywed couple. A second photographer can ensure that no special moments are missed.


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