Travel Tuesday: Cozy Getaway Ideas

Honeywell Heater recently ranked the top ten coziest American cities and wouldn’t you know it, THREE New England cities were included. We’re not surprised over here, we’re only surprised that more didn’t… I mean is there really anywhere cozier than a quiet seaside pub in Newport or the Cape, when the whole harbor is blanketed in snow?

Providence, Boston and Portland, ME all made the list, with factors like the number of restaurants and coffee shops; the number of museums, florists, breweries; and bed-and-breakfast hotels in a given city all taken into account. They also consider the city’s “overall comfort, ambiance and accessibility,” and usage rates of fireplaces and portable heaters.

It looks like the rest of the country is starting to figure out what us New England locals already know –  that our seaside communities make just as pretty backdrops in the winter as they do on hot sunny days. I guess our secret’s out!

As for where to cozy up? We love the Biltmore in downtown Providence or  the Boston Harbor Hotel for starters. For other hotel and restaurant ideas, visit our resources page.

What’s your favorite New England spot for a cozy winter weekend?


Providence, RI


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