The Ending is Just the Beginning

Couples choose unique ways to send off their wedding guests in style.

By Courtney Raymond

For many brides and grooms, the end of their wedding night is bittersweet. Feelings are usually a combination of sadness and relief when the planning, nerves, nuptials and fun come to a close. For some couples, however, the ending is just the beginning. End-of-the-evening send-offs are becoming more popular. Who doesn’t love a grand finale? From simple sparklers and bubble stations, to fireworks, after-parties and extravagant cars-in-waiting, the options are endless when it comes to saying goodbye to guests.

For couples looking to truly wow their troop, fireworks are the ultimate climax to an already extravagant night. While this goodbye treat can run anywhere from $3,500 to upwards of $15,000, depending on the duration and complexity of the show, a pyrotechnics display is relatively easy to plan when there is a professional involved.

Courtesy of Atlas PyroVision Entertainment Group, Inc.

Courtesy of Atlas PyroVision Entertainment Group, Inc.

Stephen Pelkey, chief operating officer at Atlas PyroVision Entertainment Group, Inc., stresses the most important part of the process is to check with your venue to see if they allow pyrotechnics. From there, his company handles the rest. “We do all the coordination work with the venue, including permits and licenses so you can have the best time possible,” explains Pelkey. “A fireworks show is an exclamation point at the end of an event. It adds a finishing elegance where you can add special touches specific to your day such as signage, shell colors or a message in the fireworks.”

For those couples looking for a simpler send-off, Meagan Leste, wedding sales manager for Rockstar Limo, suggests riding off in a fancy car. A classic Rolls-Royce is most popular for wedding farewells, but town cars, limousines and high-end sedans are also highly sought after. “Audis and Mercedes work well for the couples who love black-car service but are after something fancier,” says Leste. “We also occasionally rent out party buses so guests make it safely to an after event.”

If both of these options are too elaborate that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a boring goodbye. Wedding send-offs can also take the form of very simple offerings to friends and family. Mauryn Kkira, creative director and chief operating officer at Creative Wedding Solutions, has come up with an endless array of imaginative adieus. At one wedding, each guest wrote a well wish on a piece of origami, which were then thrown like confetti as the couple exited. “Immediately after, we collected all the pieces and placed them into a jar. Now the couple has a tradition where they read one on every anniversary,” shares Kkira.

Courtesy of Rockstar Limo

Courtesy of Rockstar Limo

If a couple is looking for an out-of-the-box goodbye, Kkira is passionate about bringing unique concepts to life. “One idea I have for an end-of-the-night send-off [is] bubble machines blowing bubbles all over,” she says. “It would be simple, playful, fun and pretty, as well as environmentally friendly, which is something we always strive for.”

It is easy to see from these unique ideas that while the party might be over, it doesn’t mean the night has to be. No matter what the final touch, a newly married couple has the power to create even longer lasting memories for their guests just by using a little imagination.

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