Surfset Fitness: A Unique Way to Get Fit for the Big Day

Today, I’m going to share my little secret for getting in shape, without having to step foot on the dreaded treadmill or worse yet, the Stairmaster of death.  If you’re a gym-goer and love it, more power to you, I’m jealous. Personally, I have tried and failed at being a gym rat, and my extreme workout ADD previously prevented me from sticking with any particular routine for too long. I tend to get bored easily and the whole going to the gym and being left to my own devices once I get there thing just didn’t work for me.

Living by the beach with great aspirations of one day being a bonafide surfer chic, I was intrigued by the concept of Surfset Fitness, which I first heard about a few years ago when I was living in NYC. The innovative workout appeared on Shark Tank, and has been featured on Kelly & Michael, numerous local news shows and in mainstream media and fitness magazines ever since.  I first tried a class about two years ago at Floortime Studios in Middletown, RI and have been happily hooked ever since.  I can credit them (and a killer lace-up corset) with my svelte wedding day figure and my newfound ability to do real, non-girly pushups, among other things.

Classes range from the yoga-inspired “Balance,”  to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) also known as “Blend” class. These group exercise classes use a specially designed fitness surfboard, along with bars, bands and other fitness tools to tone, sculpt and burn. All classes are set to music and the 50 minute sessions feel like 5, as you squat, burpee and surf your way to a fitter physique.

surfset newport outdoor photoPhoto Via Surfset Newport’s Facebook Page

In the warmer months, Surfset Newport offers classes outside for the ultimate New England workout experience. This past summer, locations included Battery Park and Fort Adams in Newport, The Break Hotel in Narragansett and outdoors at the University of Rhode Island. Group surf lessons with a chance to test out your skills and hit the waves for real, complete with wetsuit rental and in-water surf  instruction by Rhody Surf, are also offered. Interested parties can request a private demo or group class, which makes for a fun bachelorette party activity or pre-wedding sweat session.

Surfset Newport is currently holding classes at Board SUP Newport and Rhode Island Yoga Center at the University of Rhode Island.  For more info and class schedules, visit their website, and check out this video for a little teaser of what you can expect from your first class!

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