Some Real-Talk Wedding Advice

One of my favorite blogs, Jezebel, recently ran an article with some very straight-talking wedding advice. While we certainly don’t agree with ALL of it (they went a bit harsh on us wedding editors, for example!) I do think they offered a few tidbits worth sharing with our fabulous readers.

1) Maybe pay someone to do that. Yes! While we love sharing great DIY Pinterest finds with you guys, we are fully aware that not every reader is Martha Stewart, nor do they want to be.  That’s why there are professional wedding planners, calligraphers, caterers, favor-makers, stylists, etc., etc., etc.  Looking for some New England based ones, can we kindly  point you to our resources page?

10) Treat thy bridesmaids as thou would like to be treated. We’ve written about bridesmaid etiquette before, but it’s worth repeating. Be nice to those ladies whom you’ve CHOSEN to stand by your side on the most special day of your life. And remember, there’s a good chance you’ll end up in THEIR weddings someday!

On the subject of bridesmaids, we also really liked what one commenter said regarding bridesmaids gifts. Rather than spend the extra money on a fancy gift for your gals, why not consider putting that money towards the wedding expenses that bridesmaids incur, such as the dress, hair and makeup, etc.

14) Have Fun. In the end, if you only follow one piece of wedding advice, please let it be this one: Don’t get so wrapped up in the details that you forget toenjoy every moment of the big day. Relax and soak up every minute!

Read all 14 tips here!



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