Selecting Your Bridesmaid Dresses: Decisions, Decisions

You’ve finally chosen your dress for the big day and you’re pretty psyched about it. You breathe a sigh of relief and think you can finally stop obsessing over bridal fashion magazines and websites 24/7. Hold up – have you picked out your bridesmaid dresses yet?? If not, you’d better dig out those mags and get ready to make yet another round of crucial dress-related decisions.

First, there’s choosing a color.  And not just a generic color, like say, “blue” for instance. Do you want navy blue, royal blue, cornflower blue (it’s a thing), blue-green, green-blue… you get the idea.  Then there’s deciding if you want one color, two colors, or several.  Personally, I was intrigued by the mix and match bridesmaid trend in terms of both color and style, which multiplied my list of decisions to make by about a million.  Then you must choose the length – I thought I had this one nailed down, doesn’t every gal love a short dress in summer? Nope, both my ‘maids and the ever-so-wise Andi Sperl, owner of Andria Bird Bride in Newport, RI were quick to suggest long dresses for a more flattering and uniform look. Lastly, you’ll need to decide on the style of the dress, and again, whether or not you’ll go with one style or allow for some individuality with different style dresses of the same material and length.

morgan maids

Although there were a lot of choices and I’m typically indecisive to a fault, my experience was very pleasant and easy thanks to a few factors, so I’d thought I’d share some quick tips with you all.

1) Do your homework. I looked through dozens of real weddings and perused several designers’ websites, blogs and look books. I kept coming back to the same one, Donna Morgan. I was drawn to the flattering lines of her dresses, the airy, “flowy” quality and the color choices.

2) Take your ‘maids opinions into consideration. No one wants to wear a dress they hate, or worse yet, that doesn’t fit them right or flatter their figure or coloring. You’ll have a lot more smiling photos if you give them the chance to be involved and at least make some decisions when it comes to style.

3) Go to a bridal shop that goes the extra mile. We were the only ones in the shop and we ended up staying for a couple of hours. Andi was patient, extremely knowledgeable and helpful without being pushy, and was fun to work with to boot.

I’d love to hear from others on their bridesmaid dress shopping experiences and tips, so share away in the comments section ladies!

 Photo Credit: Danielle Poff Photography

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