Q&A with Floral Designer Mary Kate Kinnane, The Local Bouquet

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We got the details on everything floral from Mary Kate Kinnane of Little Compton, Rhode Island-based The Local Bouquet—from her background to insider tips for couples planning their big day!

What led you into the floral industry?

I have always been drawn to the world of design and have always enjoyed working with my hands to create things. From my summer jobs as a landscape gardener and as a floral designer for another shop, I became familiar with horticulture, New England’s landscapes, the wedding industry and the cut flower world. From these experiences, I strengthened my eye for design.

Mary Kate Kinnane,
owner of The Local Bouquet. | Photo by Maaike Bernstrom Photography

What makes the concept and philosophy behind The Local Bouquet unique among other area florists?

Our core mission is to source 100-percent local and American-grown flowers, 100 percent of the time. We design with the seasons, meaning we choose our flowers and foliage depending on what is growing locally or nationally during that time of year.

How do you describe your design style?

My design style is more loose and natural, versus modern and clean. I like our wedding designs to look different and to be full of personality. Each of the flowers we design with has a story to tell, so my job as the floral designer is to allow them to tell that story and to bring out their unique characteristics—whether it’s a cool bend in their stems or a unique discoloration in their petals.

What do you love most about your job?

I love that I get to work with a material that is so beautiful, and that each week there are new and different flowers coming into season. It is impossible to have a bad day when you are surrounded by so much beauty!

What types of clients do you work best with and what should clients expect when working with you?

Our clients value locally grown flowers and see the importance of choosing a more sustainable product for their weddings. They also love flowers and have a natural approach when it comes to the floral décor for their wedding. Clients should expect seasonal floral designs that celebrate the time of year (for example, ranunculus in May, peonies in June and dahlias in August). When brides come with an open mind, we can deliver a beautiful product.

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What is your best advice for your wedding clients who don’t have a clear vision for their event?

Don’t underestimate the power of your floral décor. I often wish that brides would start with the flowers. I may be a little biased, but I think that the look and feel of a floral arrangement dictates other design elements, including the linens, place settings and lighting. Include your florist on your “design team” so that your entire event is cohesive and spectacular.

What are your favorite designs to create and why?

I love designing large and lush arbors! I love dreaming up the most romantic and memorable backdrop for our couples to exchange their vows in front of.

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