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Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of pulling up in front of the church or reception hall on your big day. The anticipation, the butterflies of excitement and the feeling of having all eyes on you as you step out of the car is simply magical. To make it even more memorable, many brides choose to roll up in style, literally. Using a limo or classic car for wedding day transportation can add an elegant, yet dramatic, touch to your special arrival. Rockstar Limo of Cranston, Rhode Island, aims to make every client feel like a rock star by offering top-of-the-line chauffeured vehicles, from limos and luxury sedans to vintage classics, trolleys and even a double-decker tour bus. Meagan Lest, wedding sales manager for Rockstar Limo, has some suggestions for taking wedding transportation from ordinary to extraordinary. In today’s world of fast and fancy cars, there is a special choice of transportation waiting for every couple.

SNEW: Do you have any recommendations for brides and grooms when selecting transportation for their wedding day?

ML: Of course, they need to think about what type of vehicle best fits their personality as a couple; however, I also suggest thinking about time. This is a big one. Ask yourself how long it will take you to load and unload the car, and how long it will take you to reach each destination. That way our drivers can keep a strict timeline and be mindful of who needs to be where and at what time.

SNEW: How does a limo or special transportation change the feel of a wedding day?

ML: Renting a car not only ensures your timeline is followed, but it’s also something special for the couple. On your wedding day, there isn’t a lot of time alone. During the ride to their next destination, the bride and groom have the chance to escape. It’s a time when they can reflect for a second, when it’s just them.

SNEW: What do you suggest for couples on a budget?

ML: Couples on a modest budget don’t have to cross luxury transportation off their list. We have a lot of nice cars and sedans, and can even make multiple trips. Our luxury vans are also amazing. It might sound a little crazy, but they are top of the line. They feature black leather interior, enough room to walk around inside, loading devices, tinted windows, special lighting and more.

SNEW: If the sky is the limit when it comes to expenditures, what type of transportation really wows guests?

ML: If you really want to impress, I suggest a vintage car or trolley. Porsche, Rolls-Royce and Camaro are the most popular, but we like to say if it has wheels, we can find it for you. We’re here to create an experience, so we won’t say no to any request within reason. Another vehicle that has become popular is our new double-decker tour bus, which is one of a kind in this area. We’ve seen brides and grooms plan city tours for their guests during downtime. These are really fun.

SNEW: What are some fun extras that a couple can use to make the ride more enjoyable for their wedding party and guests?

ML: We provide complimentary champagne and water. After that, the couple can bring in anything they want. Special food and snacks are very popular. I’ve also had a number of brides bring in a florist to decorate the interior of a vehicle; I had another create a slideshow with pictures and music running on a continuous loop so her guests had something to watch during the drive. Sometimes people also make banners and signage, but when going that route it’s always best to check with us first to make sure your design will work with the vehicle.

SNEW: What are some ways couples can incorporate vehicles into their wedding pictures to make sure they remember every aspect of the day?

ML: Couples do this a lot more often than you think. They love using vintage cars for couple and wedding party shots or the trolleys for group shots. These always come out really cute. Lots of couples also make signs saying thank you or something similar to use after the wedding and hold them while leaning against a classic car. Couples do have the option of simply renting a car for a quick photo op, which is cost effective if they’re trying to save money. A car is great for pictures, even if you don’t drive away in it.

Photos courtesy of Rockstar Limo 

**This article originally appeared in the 2016 Edition of  Southern New England Weddings, Written by Courtney Toomey

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