Q + A: Videography

Mike Picard of Mike Picard Motion Pictures answers some of our most pressing questions about hiring a videographer for the big day.

Q_A_Mike Picard Motion Pictures

With 13 years of experience making wedding films under his belt, Mike Picard has more than a few tips to share with couples thinking about including video in their day, and explains that video isn’t just a medium of preservation; a good wedding film tells a love story, and that’s powerful. No wonder Mike’s videos often get 1,000 views the first day they are posted!

What would you say to a couple that is on the fence about including video in their day?
I tell them that there is no other medium or format that will re-create their day as close as it was than a professional video. More and more, we are seeing that people are booking their wedding film before their photos.

Do couples typically need to block off time in the day to work with their videographer, in addition to formal photo time with the photographer?
Yes, they really should. Our product needs motion in order for it to look the way we want it to look. While formal photos are fine, people expect what they see in our demos, and that is the free flowing movement of the couple during video time. For us to simply film the frozen shot that the photographer has posed will not create the same feel.

Are you seeing any fun, trending video sequences in the industry this season?
Yes! We are seeing more and more love stories. These are little films that are shot prior to a wedding of the couple talking separately to the camera about how they met, their first date, what they expect their wedding day to be like and so on. These are then shown on a large screen the night of their wedding reception during dinner.


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