Poetic Moments

Romance Captured

Whether the moment is choreographed or completely unrehearsed, there is nothing sweeter than a couple simply enjoying one another’s company. These snapshots capture a wedding day’s underlying emotion and their subjects’ newlywed bliss.


An impromptu dance makes for a spectacular photo op.


A stolen moment alone in the Boston Public Library.

faves0125_M Studios

Bistro lights at Willowdale Estate accent this couple’s passionate embrace.

0057 Sabrina Scolari

An affectionate squeeze on an accommodating row of chairs.

605Kempen81Final HilaryBPhoto

This couple makes the most of a scenic backdrop.

104TeagueDiazHBP_1983Final HilaryBPhoto

These brides only have eyes for each other.


From top: Corinna Raznikov PhotographyCorinna Raznikov Photography, M. Studios, Sabrina Scolari Photography, Hilary B. Photography, Hilary B. Photography

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