Playful, Sparkly New Year’s Eve-Themed Wedding Invitation and Paper Suite by Little Birdie Papercraft

This wedding invitation and paper suite by Cranston, RI-based Little Birdie Papercraft & Design Studio embodies a little bit of glitz and a lot of glamour. Owner/creative director Lesli-Ann Powell gives us the low-down on her creation:

Q: What drove the overall design?

A: It was based on the couple’s New Year’s Eve wedding. They had decided to use clocks with specific times as the table numbers so I used that as an underlying theme. The clock that is almost at midnight was the foundation for their wedding logo. This was used on their invitation, seating chart and some other fun signs. They wanted something that could be playful, sparkly and yet still have an element of formality. In order to accomplish this, I had to use different techniques creatively so that each one didn’t become too overwhelming in the invitation suite.

The design is flat printed in gold and black. I then hand glittered the confetti at the top of the invitation and the RSVP card. The band is made from glitterati gold paper with a custom flat-printed seal closure.

Q: I love that the invitation has cool details and yet is still serene…how did you accomplish that?

A: It is all about being creative with your materials and not being afraid to combine papers, textures and techniques. Each piece does not have to match exactly in an invitation suite. By mixing up the design, paper choices and the layout, you can have some really drastic elements that pop (the gold glitter paper) without becoming overdone. The same can be said about the glitter on the confetti. By putting it on only a few of the confetti dots, it gave the invitation a hint of sparkle and elegance but also a whimsical feel that you don’t always get with things like gold foil.

Q: You pair script with all CAPS font – they look great together…what was your reasoning?

A: I do this often with my wedding invitations. The block font is easier to read and you certainly don’t want guests missing any important information! In this invitation, the couple wanted the elegance of their names in script with the modern touches of a bolder body font and a unique layout. Since the body text was more modern, I had to be sure that the script I chose was not too formal or traditional. To ease the transition from the loose script to a more severe block font, I incorporated the block font into parts of the name so that it appeared to be a more natural progression.

Q: How important is it that a couple uses a professional stationer to keep a cohesive look to the paper products for their wedding?

A: Of course, I am biased and think that everyone should use a professional stationer. That aside, there are a number of reasons why it is helpful to hire a professional. Most importantly, a professional will: know exactly what is necessary for your event, be able to guide you in making smart decisions about the invitation pieces and help navigate how your information should be laid out with the proper word choices. Not every event needs the same type of invitation, and a good stationer will make sure that you aren’t ordering things you don’t need.

Most people are not aware of the amount of information that goes into an invitation suite; it can be very overwhelming. A professional stationer can take the burden and the stress way from the couple and make it an enjoyable experience.

Couples aren’t always familiar with all of the available options (printing methodologies, papers, layouts, pricing). Blogs, websites and Pinterest are great tools for research but can’t guide you and explain the different elements and how they all work together. As a stationer it is important that you help your clients hit all the major items that are important to them, which is something you can not always get if you order online, so that the end result is cohesive, beautiful and on budget.

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