Planning the Happiest Day of Your Life (During a Difficult Time)

Wedding experts share insight on how to throw a wedding while coping with a departed or sick loved one, a job loss, a partner who is stationed overseas, and other life challenges.
By: Stefania Sainato



One of the most frequently-asked questions we receive from BG brides is how to plan a wedding when life hits you the hardest. I’ve seen my loved ones struggle with this firsthand: One relative got laid off (after 10+ years on the job) a month before she got married. Another friend reached her low point when her father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemotherapy a few months before her big day.

Google “wedding ideas” and you’ll get about 9.89 million results, but there’s no guidebook for what to do when you don’t have a mom to wedding dress shop with you, or you’re forced to Skype cake options with your fiancé who is stationed overseas in the military. The lack of information out there on how to plan a wedding during tough times led us to some of our favorite wedding pros for practical advice that will not only help you get through this challenging period, but also find some joy in the process.

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