Photographer Spotlight: Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC

After earning a bachelor of fine arts in photography, Rhode Island native Nicole Gesmondi started an award-winning business with her husband, Paul. The duo has been photographing together for more than a decade, focusing on weddings, family portraits and even boudoir shoots. “Whichever type of photos we take, our goal is to make a lasting impression so it’s an easy choice for our customer to make us the photographer of choice for all of life’s milestones,” says Gesmondi.

Nicole_HeadshotWhat are your top three tips for brides and grooms when choosing their wedding photographer?

1. Make sure you find a photography team you enjoy spending a lot of time with. Unlike most of your other wedding vendors, the photographers are there with you nearly every moment of the day—while you’re getting dressed, eating, kissing and so on. Being comfortable with your photographers is the best way to ensure your wedding pictures are natural and enjoyable.

2. Know what you are paying for. Comparing photography prices isn’t always a one-to-one thing because you need to analyze factors beyond numbers, such as creativity and experience.

3. Browse different wedding sites and publications to get an idea of the type of photography you’d prefer for your wedding day. There are many to choose from such as classic, artistic, lifestyle, etc. Narrowing your preferred styles will make your photographer selection easier.

What’s important for you to know about the couple/event before the big day?

We love to getting to know our couples before their wedding day! And just as important, we like to give the couple an idea beforehand of how Paul and I work as a team and what they can expect on their wedding day. Our wedding packages come with a complimentary two-hour engagement session, so this is a perfect opportunity for everyone to become comfortable with one another. We get to learn how the couple likes to be photographed, and they have a chance to let us know about any preferences they might have.

Which moments or parts of a wedding day make the best photos?

One of my favorites is the first look—when the groom sees his bride for the first time. The reaction is priceless and makes for a special photo. The wedding day encompasses so many moments and details and we enjoy the challenge of capturing all that we can.


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