Sponsored Content: How to Get the Best “Getting Ready” Photos

By Lannan M. O’Brien | Wedding photography by Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC

There’s something very special and intimate about the “getting ready” portion of a wedding, when a bride is surrounded by her favorite females. In addition to your formal photos, you’ll want to record these special pre-wedding moments! Here are a few tips from wedding photographer Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC, on how to make those shots as smooth as possible.

1. Tidy up

You and your bridesmaids are getting hair and makeup done, and your photographer arrives. But wait—whose pile of clothes is that in the corner? Is that coffee mug in the shot? Try as best you can to throw out trash and clean up as much as possible before your photographer gets there, or have a separate room where bridesmaids can store their belongings. Your photos will look much better without your “stuff” in them!

Tip: Have everyone eat when they first get there, so food and drinks are out of the way.

2. Get detail (shot) oriented

Remember: while you’re getting ready, your photographer will be capturing all of those important details. Save time by gathering those “little things” like your wedding invitations, shoes, jewelry and other accessories together before he/she arrives (remember, your bridal party’s things will be everywhere; try to store these items in a labeled bag for easy retrieval).

Tip: Buy a cute hanger for your gown, like this one on Etsy. There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than a beautiful photo of a wedding dress on a plastic hanger.

3. Color coordinate

It’s always fun to see the emotion on bridesmaids’ faces before a wedding, the adoring way they watch the bride as she preps for the day. You might not realize it until the moment happens, but you’ll want photos of the group before you put on your formal dresses—and outfit coordination goes a long way when it comes to these casual shots, too!

Tip: Consider gifting matching outfits to your bridesmaids, like the floral robes pictured below (similar to these ones on Etsy), or asking them to wear the same color top so you’re group photo-ready!


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