Happy Fall Y’All!

One of the best things about autumn in my opinion is the plethora of festive cocktails that pop up at your favorite local watering-holes. It seems every year the creations get better and better and the temptation to imbibe in a fall-flavored libation becomes too great to resist. Among the frontrunners this year is the iconic Castle Hill Inn, who’s fall offerings include an October Fashioned, Cranberry-Spiked Cider, Stormy Cider and Harbor Cask.  These drinks combined with that view are definitely reason enough to indulge in a mid-week beverage, don’t you think?

October Fashioned
A twist on an “old fashioned” using Rye Whiskey, a beautiful French dry curacao (orange liqueur) and an allspice dram to bring out fall flavors.


Stormy Cider
A New-England riff on the Dark & Stormy, including local fresh apple cider.


Harbor Cask
Locally made Thomas Tew Rum, aged in an oak cask with Cointreau, vermouth, and bitters.


Cranberry-Spiked Cider
A shandy-type cocktail using Strongbow Gold cider & Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodka.


All images courtesy of Castle Hill Inn

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