For the Groom to Do

After BHLDN posted a grooms how-to tutorial on tying the laborious bowtie, it got us thinking, what else should our lovely men know for the day of their own wedding, or even that of a friend? Being a groom or groomsmen means more than just showing up (insert “key responsibilities” here). But what are they?

First off, the “How To Tie A Bowtie” tutorial is below. Seems simple enough, no?
how to tie a bowtie
In the past, we’ve written or published some ideas for the guy’s to get it together when it comes to wedding planning and/or organizing (the shock!) an event surrounding their wedding or a best bud’s.GroomGroove is absolutely perfect for honing in on the details: from planning and executing an extra special engagement, to selecting the wedding party, speech survival and writing thank you cards (yes, your Mrs. will appreciate some help with those hand-written sentiments). Basically, it’s a “Wedding 101” for the man who doesn’t know where or how to begin! It even has tips on destination splurges, frenzied parents and best man protocol.If you’re looking for a more to-the-point bullet list on attending a wedding, just remember this etiquette (courtesy of the folks over at Evansville Living):

[] Read the Invitation
[] RSVP Quickly
[] Dress for Her
[] Buy an Appropriate Gift
[] Arrive on Time
[] Dance, Even if You Can’t
[] Thank the Bride and Groom
[] Know the After-Hours

Any questions, men?

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