Etsy Find: Love Struck! (By Knuckle Rings)

What do you think of the knuckle ring trend? Have you tried wearing one? Does it feel funny? They’re so delicate and feminine, and bring so much attention to the hands (hello bridesmaid bouquet photo op!). It’s hard to believe how tiny the sizes are- most start around a 3! If you can’t tell from the beautiful re-design of our site, we’re kinda cuckoo for arrow motifs, and these little guys are an adorable, inexpensive, and adjustable way to give the trend a try. Here’s hoping cupid will bring you one of these arrows on Valentine’s day!

Southern New England Weddings | Etsy Find: Love Struck!  (By Knuckle Rings) | Photography and rings by Lettersearrings

Image Credit: All photos courtesy of LETTERSEARRING

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