Couple’s Unique Personalities Shine Through At Falmouth Wedding

Patrice & Stefan

July 9, 2016 • Falmouth, Massachusetts

By Courtney Raymond | Wedding photography by Cara Brostrom ~ Wonderbliss Photography

For some people, extra money can burn a hole in their pockets; for Stefan Samuelson, it turned out to be a ring that made him anxious. The day he bought his girlfriend, Patrice O’Sullivan, her engagement bauble was also the very day he proposed. With their dog by her side, Patrice said “yes” and, as they say, the rest is history. The two married on a lovely summer’s day at Bourne Farm.

“We spent forever trying to find a place,” says Patrice. “Walking through the farm was so beautiful and we knew it would fit with our Midsummer Night’s Dream vision.”

From the onset, Patrice and Stefan let their unique personalities shine through in their selection of décor and wardrobe.

The mother of the bride, a seasoned seamstress, not only made and hand-beaded Patrice’s wedding dress, but also stitched the dresses for the bridal party. For added flair, Stefan and his groomsmen adorned their outfits with a little something different.

“Stefan chose Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle boutonnieres that we had spray-painted gold,” says Patrice. “We’re also obsessed with Star Wars and dinosaurs so we had dinosaur socks for the guys, a dinosaur cake topper and photos with Princess Leia. Our friends loved it.”

Although the out-of-the-box outfits and decorations were important to the couple, they never lost sight of the bigger picture. For both Patrice and Stefan, their wedding day was all about creating a union between two people in love.

“The actual act of getting married and the purpose of it was so important to us. Finally having that bond was such a huge deal,” Patrice says. “Stefan is usually very analytical and he was crying. Seeing him that way was special.”

Much like married life, Patrice believes a wedding day is all about teamwork between the bride and groom. She felt it was important to include her partner in the decision-making process. “I relied on Stefan because we’re a team. It’s important (for the groom) to remember that it isn’t just the bride’s day; it’s your day.”

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