Christmas Wishes from the Staff of SNEW

What are you wishing you’ll find under the tree this year?  In case you can’t make up your mind, we asked the staff at Southern New England Weddings to chime in with their holiday crushes.  One thing’s for sure: ’tis the season for Sorels!  Those cozy and tough boots come in so many different styles that there is a pair to suit every gal hoping for toasty tootsies in 2014.  


Caroline Goddard

Editor, Chatty Brides

“When the going gets cold, I get cooking…so at Christmas I usually have my kitchen in mind.  I’ve always wanted to own something from Fog Linen- a beautifully crafted apron that’s tough enough for everyday use would bring a smile to my face!  And I’m obsessed with everything that the Canadian husband and wife team behind Mjölk sell, but this ceramic coffee dripper by Japanese artist Masanobu Ando would get daily use in my house.  (I’m too old fashioned for a coffee machine!).

SNEW Staff wish list: Caroline


Danielle Raciti

Editor, Southern New England Weddings and Southern New England Weddings: Destination Edition

“For me, this year is all about cozy creature comforts.  I’m asking my husband (or Santa!) for a pair of Sorel boots, which I know will get lots of wear when walking and playing with our puppy during the New England winter.  And I’m loving the simplistic style of this white Kaico tea kettle.  Currently in the middle of a kitchen remodel, and I think it will match the space perfectly.  Plus I’m obsessed with tea, so it will give just one more reason to have it.”

SNEW Staff Wishlist: Danielle


Janice Rohlf

Editorial Director

“After far too many years, I recently reconnected with Heidi O’Donnell Eastman, a dear friend, fellow Francophile and former colleague at Champagne Veuve Clicquot who is doing something she has always dreamed of: painting and selling her art. Her studio, Eastman O’Donnell Fine Art, is located in Westport, Mass, where she and her family have a house. I am drawn to Impressionistic still lifes like ‘Les Citrons,’ but to find any of Heidi’s paintings under my Christmas tree would put a smile on my face.”

Les Citrons_Heidi O'Donnell Eastman


Chris Lewis

Creative Director

“That’s simple. A nice bottle of Krug Rose champagne.  It’s the closest I can find to compliment Pantone’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid, to match the ensemble that my wife, Cheryl, intends to wear and the roast duck we will be eating on New Year’s Eve.”

Krug Champagne
Sharon Bartholomew
Art Director

“I’ve been coveting these Sorel boots. Warm and stylish, what’s left to say!?  Here’s another item high on my list… a new macro lens.”


SNEW Staff Wishlist: Sharon

Allie Herzog
Social Media Specialist and Chatty Brides Blogger
“I’m wishing for some Sorel boots to keep my toes warm and dry while tooling around town in the snow this winter.”
Sorrell Boots
Erin McCluskey
Regional Account Manager
“This is my early Christmas gift from my boyfriend.  Her name is Autumn and she’s a bichon-poodle mix. I’ve been wanting a puppy for a long time- now I have one!
Erin's Puppy


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