Berkshire Mountains Inspire Theme of Summer Wedding

Carly & Chris

July 23, 2016 • New Marlborough, Massachusetts

By Lannan M. O’Brien | Wedding photography by Derrick Zellmann Photography

It was a rainy Tuesday night when Carly Underwood returned home from work to find her now-husband, Chris Smerz, on one knee surrounded by candles. He posed a question, and Carly’s answer led to their marriage in July. The moment was simple and devoid of grand gestures, because he thought that’s what Carly would want. He was right.

“I’m not into anything fancy, frills or really anything public,” Carly admits.

It was in the same manner that the two planned their wedding at Gedney Farm in New Marlborough. For Carly and Chris, it was important that the ceremony was small and intimate, and they tried to include friends and family in their big day as much as possible. Their wedding photographer, Derrick Zellmann, hair stylist Jessica Niedbala—of Tranquility Hair Salon in Greenfield—and Matthew Morse, who filmed their wedding video, are all personal friends. Christopher Joyce, a friend of Chris’s, married the couple.

The bridal party all wore different dresses. “I told my bridesmaids they could get whatever they wanted for a dress, as long as they were long and blush colored,” Carly says. “I didn’t want them to be uncomfortable—plus, they’re not all the same person, so they shouldn’t have to wear the same dress.”

Upon arriving at the outdoor ceremony, about 110 guests were greeted by a wood sign engraved with two initial C’s that was handmade by Carly’s father. The place cards at the reception, made by her aunt, added another personal touch.

The couple aimed to complement the natural environment of the Berkshire Mountains, incorporating blush, white and green shades in their décor. They even purchased a photo book of The Berkshires by local photographer Stephen Donaldson to use as their guest book.

They “couldn’t be happier” with the result, Carly says. “I know people get pressure from family and friends about inviting a lot of people, but we wanted it to be intimate and fun for our guests and for us.”

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