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Principal Photographer & Founder
Refreshing. Poignant. Artistic

Sabrina  trained eye slyly captures the simple, the fleeting, and the joyous moments that should be bottled in time.

Sabrina sees what the rest of us never see, and captures it in visual form.  The church crowd cheering while one guest wipes away her joyous tear, the beautiful detail of a delicate tulle veil windswept over the brides beaming face, the art of snapping a noteworthy detail that will be forever cherished.

Sabrina captures emotions effortlessly.

As a professional photographer, her style is unobtrusive, her work evokes emotion, and her attitude is heartwarming.

Based in Rhode Island, the Austrian native has over twenty years of experience and has trained under an impressive list of prominent national and international photographers.

Sabrina’s seasoned expertise, European style, and calm demeanor put couples at ease, allowing her to capture every breathtaking moment at hand.

“Wedding photography is not about a camera and its settings. It is about a certain discipline that is within one person’s heart, and a distinct passion that comes from an artist’s creative mindset. This is what makes a great wedding photographer.”-Sabrina

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