Valentine’s Day Gift Inspiration: Have a Favorite Photo Professionally Framed

Valentine's Day Gift Inspiration: Custom Picture Frame | Southern New England Weddings

Flowers fade and candy is fleeting (especially when given to me). But a framed picture will last a lifetime, which is why it makes for such a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift. Pick a picture that has special meaning, whether it’s from your wedding, engagement photo session or even just a recent vacation together, and have it professionally framed by Providence Picture Frame. The benefit to a custom frame shop is that their experienced staff will guide you through a variety of decisions, from frame material to matte size.

For example, Providence Picture Frame owner Geoffrey Gaunt framed the above photo in gold, which picks up on the bride’s flesh tones. A gold fillet echoes the outer frame and adds an extra layer of detail.

Call 401-421-6196 for more information or stop by the gallery at 27 Dryden Lane in Providence.

Framed image by Corinna Raznikov Photography


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