Uber Wedding?? We’ve Officially Heard It All!

You know Uber, that awesome on-demand car service that’s so much better than a taxi? Not to mention the fact that it just recently came to our little town of Newport – score! Well apparently they decided, why stop at just a car service and will be offering San Francisco residents on-demand weddings this Saturday. Yes, you read that correctly!

In honor of Pride week, and to celebrate the idea that love is love with something that lasts a lifetime, the SF-based company is offering express weddings from their popular app, including marriage licenses, vows and celebratory goodies – and they’re even throwing in the honeymoon! They’ll come to you, and the whole thing will last about an hour. Demand is expected to be high so if you’re feeling spontaneous and in love, you better get that smartphone ready.

My take? When I first read about this I thought it was a completely ridiculous publicity stunt but after letting it sink in, and reading the details (Did someone say FREE honeymoon?), I kinda think it would be a crazy/fun thing to do with a good story to tell for years to come. I have to say, if my boyfriend and I lived in SF, there’s definitely at least a possibility that I’d be doing a little Ubering this weekend…

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 12.44.02 PM

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