U.S.A. or Bust

It seems as though this is a big week for travel. As many of my friends are taking off to exotic locales around the world like Venezuela and the British Virgin Islands, I am staying home, coping with my jealousy. However, being a writer does come with its perks, like having a great imagination. So instead of actually going anywhere, I’m holding it down in the old U.S. of A. and thinking about my top honeymoon locales in the country. Come back to check out the hotspots I’ve chosen each day this week, especially if you need a vacation as much as I do. PLEASE feel free to comment and leave ideas for other travelers who are planning their big romantic getaway.

Just click on the Read More button at the bottom of this post to see the first three places I would go in the US in no particular order, if I had lots of honeymoons to take. Who knows?… Maybe I will!

1. Northern California- Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Big Sur, Monterey. Take it from a New England girl that once lived in the region. Driving on the pacific highway will BLOW your mind. Its romance and adventure for city-lovers and hikers one and all. Taste wine, gawk at the redwoods, get spooked at Alcatraz, go surfing, check out one of the most renowned aquariums in the world, and dare to drive like you’ve never driven before.


Northern California
(Photo of Big Sur by Richard Price)

2. Yellowstone National Park: I have always wanted to check out the Mammoth Hot Springs. Also, it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to snow shoe under the full moon at yellowstone. And then in the summer months, its all about hiking and looking at the scenic beauty of one of America’s crown jewels. If you consider yourself outdoorsy, it couldn’t get any more romantic than this.


Yellowstone National Park

3. Hawaii: Ever since I used to dance hula along with Elvis to Blue Hawaii as a kid, this trip has been on my bucket list. Romantic vistas, history, culture, and relaxation, Hawaii has it all. Need I say more?




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