U.S.A. Honeymoons: N.Y.C, Alaskan Cruise, Key West

All of my friends that are on tropical vacations this week (which inspired this week-long theme) are starting to send photos home of themselves sunning it up, while we are hunkering down here in Southern New England. Love it! For our third installation of U.S. honeymoon destinations, we look at some more of my top choices for romantic travel in-country; New York City, an Alaskan Cruise, and Key West, Florida.

1. New York, NY: This close-to-home destination can be an extremely chic choice for a honeymoon. You can set your budget to pretty much anything and have an amazing trip, whether it be full of gallery visits, bohemian shopping, epicurean decadence, or all of the above. Just make a list of must-do’s before you depart to hit the major points on your list, and don’t be surprised when the city takes you off-course for a wild adventure. You’re young and in love! Go get it!


2. Alaskan Cruise Ship Trip: If you are into the whole cruise ship scene, this trip can combine glitz and glamour and nature and adventure. Disembark to real Alaskan towns and enjoy life as an Alaskan. How many of your friends can say they’ve done that? Be sure to catch the breathtaking Prince William Sound on your trip and don’t miss Glacier Bay National Park. Ahoy!


3. Key West, Florida: I think Florida gets a bad rap most of the time. It is gorgeous, people! Snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, and fishing are only a few highlights on an Island where Ernest Hemingway and Robert Frost once walked the beach. It is eclectic vibe makes for a different island trip than you’d usually expect.


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