The Other Proposal: Creative Bridesmaids Invitations

I’m always amazed at the imaginative ways some people personalize every aspect of their wedding, sometimes starting immediately after the proposal! As someone who loves the aesthetic side of creating a wedding, I’ve been paying attention to things like reception décor and flower bouquets for ages, but it wasn’t until this particular trend of “bridesmaid proposals” started popping up on my Pinterest board and Facebook newsfeed, that I even thought about ways to ask someone to take the leap toward being a bridesmaid.

Not usually one for anything high-maintenance, I couldn’t help but appreciate the detail and thoughtfulness of some of the ideas I came across. The personalized broaches made me think of Jane Austen books and characters played by Keira Knightley in a period drama, while the bottles of wine and “no ugly crying” handkerchiefs are exactly the sort of sentiment I would expect from my friends on their wedding days.

I recently asked my friend Carrie about the topic, and she just laughed at me when I talked about things like jewelry or messages in a bottle. “Just take me to a nice dinner and ask me the old-fashioned way!” was her response. While there’s something to be said for every style of reaching out to your bridesmaids, these are some of the best ones I’ve found (most of my favorites are food and drink-related – no surprises there!) 


No Ugly Crying 2

hold my dress while i pee 3

be my bridesmaid trunk 4

be my maid giftbox 5

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