The Not Wedding: A New Kind of Bridal Show

The best wedding you go to all year (besides your own, we hope!) may not actually be a real wedding at all.

The Not Wedding is a new kind of bridal show, where brides-to-be attend as guests of a big staged wedding, complete with an emotional ceremony, a tasty dinner and a dance-party reception to cap the night off. Attendees get to see their potential vendors in action and get the full experience as they plan their own special day.  Sounds like a pretty cool concept to us!

The Not Wedding will be coming to Boston on Monday, March 3rd and Cape Cod in November of this year.  There are also events throughout the country.

Have you attended a Not Wedding or are you planning on attending one? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences, so leave us a comment and tell us all about it!

Southern New England Weddings | The Not Wedding | Hike Photography

Photo Credit: Hike Photography via The 1st Cape Cod Not Wedding

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