The Indian Bride Survival Kit: 26 Wedding Day Essentials

Every bride needs a wedding day survival kit filled with helpful items that are close by in case of a snag in your outfit, a makeup emergency or anything else that may come up at the last minute. Grab a toiletry bag with multiple compartments or an old tote bag that has extra pockets and fill it with everything on this list and whatever else you think may be helpful in a pinch. Then, delegate one of your bridesmaids or family members to keep this bag on hand for you at all times.

The Indian Bride Survival Kit: 26 Wedding Day Essentials | Southern New England Weddings and Shaadi Bazaar | South Asian Wedding Planning, Boston | |Photo by Symbol Photography

1. Lipstick: Ask your makeup artist to give you a small size to take with you for touch ups throughout the day.

2. Blotting papers: If you have oily skin or are having an outdoor wedding, grab some to take that unwanted shine away.

3. Safety pins: Extra safety pins are THE most important thing to have in this survival kit. You always hear your chachis and masis running around asking every woman if they have a safety pin. Plus, the bride may need to adjust her lehenga/sari. Pack a lot of them, and in different sizes, because you never know how many you and your bridal party may need.

4. Bobby pins: Good to have on hand for potential fly away hairs, and when you are dancing the night away, it’s good to have extra bobby pins in case your hair starts to fall.

5. Deodorant/Perfume: Wedding days are long- so when you’re changing outfits, it’s a good idea to re-apply deodorant and spritz a little perfume so you smell lovely all through the night.

6. Band-Aids: We highly suggest wearing your bridal shoes BEFORE your wedding day to break them in, but if you haven’t, there is a very good chance that they may hurt or give you a blister since you’ll be standing/walking most of the day. Keep Band-Aids handy to help your precious feet!

7. Aspirin/Advil: Sometimes the stress is just too much – it’s good to have some aspirin or Advil with you in case a headache creeps up or if your feet and back start to ache from running around all day or wearing uncomfortable shoes.

8. Tissues: It’s your wedding! You and your bridal party and family could shed a few tears at any point in the day. Keep some tissues around to blot your eyes so you don’t mess up your makeup!

9. Sanitary Pads/Tampons: In case you are one of those forgetful girls who can never ever remember your cycle, or in case your period plays an evil trick on you and decides to arrive early, have a tampon or pad on hand just in case!

10. Hair spray: Because a bridal updo can be extremely difficult to fix if anything goes wrong, keep hair spray around to keep your hairstyle perfect all day and to make quick touch ups.

11. Small mirror: Keep a compact mirror or a small hand-held mirror in your bag to do one last check and quick touch ups in the limo/car, before walking down the aisle and before entering your reception.

12. Straws: Everybody overlooks this detail. Keep a handful of straws around so you can drink beverages without messing up your lipstick.

13. Extra pair of contact lenses and saline solution: Just in case your eyes get dry or irritated. You never know.

14. TUMS: Because you really never know!! Keep Tums or Gas-X around for immediate heartburn/gas relief.

15. Camera: It sounds weird since you’ve hired a professional photographer, but they are there to capture you and your groom. Having your own camera can be fun to take your own candid shots while getting dressed and made-up. It can make for fun bridal selfies and unique point of view photos. You can capture a special moment that your photographer may not be there for.

16. Contact numbers: From the catering manager to the flower arrangement guy to the hotel concierge, keep a list of numbers of everyone who might be needed in a pinch.

17. Nail Polish: Most brides opt to get shellac gel manicures because they last longer, but sometimes a chip happens here and there. Buy a nail polish in the same color of your manicure for a quick fix.

18. Mouthwash and mints: Always good to stay minty fresh for your man! (Although in our wedding, the bride and groom don’t get to kiss-why?!) You’re still greeting guests and talking to friends and family all day.

19. Makeup remover & Q-Tips: Keep a small bottle to be able to dip a Q-tip in to touch up kohl eyeliner and lipstick/mascara smudges.

20. Glue: In the off chance a high heel breaks or a jewel falls off your lehenga- a quick drop of glue could save the day!

21. Spare flats: You might not to want to wear high heels all night long or while you are running around for pictures- a pair of foldable flats are light enough to carry around and easy to slip on and off.

22. Your favorite music: A good song can get you in the perfect mood for the moment. Play something fun and upbeat while you’re getting ready, something calming while you’re in the car to the venue to stay zen, or a party anthem so you can have a dance party with your ladies while getting ready for the reception!

23: Snacks: It’s a long day, and if you have a morning wedding and an evening reception, having some snacks (chips, protein/granola bar, nuts, fruit) can get you through the day.

24: Hand sanitizer: This is pretty self explanatory.

25. Scissors: You never know when you’ll find the stray threads of some misbehaving embroidery, catch your bangles on your dupatta, or forget to remove a random price tag- having a small pair of scissors is key.

26. Phone Charger: Between the calls to your wedding planner or banquet manager to make sure everything is going as planned and the calls to your mom or bridesmaids to make sure everyone is getting ready on time, your phone could die pretty early in the day. Keep a charger with you at all times and delegate one of your bridesmaids to be in charge of holding your phone and making sure it’s got some battery left.

So there you have it. We’ve covered all of the essential items in an emergency bridal kit. Bookmark this page…Print it…Pin It, whatever! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments please! Check back in for a ‘how to pack for your wedding without forgetting anything’ post coming up soon.


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