The Furoshiki Phase

Have you noticed the lovely little hand-tied cloth bundles that are popping up all over Pinterest?  Japanese furoshiki are simple but beautiful  square wrapping cloths that can be as small as a handkerchief or as big as a bed sheet.  Traditionally, they were used to tie up clothes, food, gifts and other goods, and these days we’re seeing them double as gift wrapping, napkins, neck scarves, bags and wall art, among other things.   And of course, we’re thinking that teeny tiny DIY furoshiki in vintage fabrics would be an adorable way to present wedding favors!

Link Collective Furoshiki

Link Collective Furoshiki 2

Link Collective Furoshiki 3

For our own personal, ahem, wardrobe enhancement plan, we’re particularly smitten with this one, which is hand printed using traditional techniques in Japan.

LINK Collective Mountain Blossom Furoshiki, $48;

Photo Credit: All photos courtesy of Link Collective.

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