SOS: Winter Survival Kit

SOS: Winter Survival Kit | Southern New England Weddings | Baggu Leather Pouch in Persimmon

It’s that time of year. The interminable months following the excitement of winter holidays in which most of us go a little stir crazy and start to imagine that we are suffering from scurvy. Allow me to share with you a few products that, in addition to copious amounts of grapefruit, are absolutely essential to my survival of the lengthy road to spring. 

SOS: Winter Survival Kit | Southern New England Weddings


Coconut OilThe other night I used coconut oil to cook a stir fry of tempeh, broccolini, zucchini, navy beans and feta (with a dash of lemon juice at the end) and it tasted like a summer’s day at the beach. I also just read a recipe in the February issue of Martha Stewart Living that called for sliced avocado, coconut oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice on toast, which is my new favorite lunch! I’ve also been rubbing it on my chapped elbows, and using it as a deep moisturizing treatment for my face.

Dr. Hauschka Spruce Warming Bath Essence | For just $10, this may be the best buy that the good German doctor has ever created. It smells like a snowy mountain forest, which actually starts to make me romanticize the dark depths of winter. It also opens airways, encouraging deep, cleansing breaths and a sense of well being.

Weleda Everon Lip Balm | This affordable, all-natural lip balm comes in a pretty coral tube and smells divinely of roses. The entirely plant-based product is non addictive to the skin, unlike petroleum balms. About $5 at most whole food markets.

Mason Pearson Pocket Brush | I have had a Mason Pearson brush since I was a little girl. My mom realized that the only way she could get me to brush my fine, tangle-prone, hair was if I used hers, so she finally caved and bought me my own. The combination of bristles and nylon gently releases knots and massages the scalp without the awful pulling and pinching that kids (and big girls) loath. They are certainly an investment, but I’ve had the same one for about 15 years now. I’m saving up to buy this little pocket sized version because of all the traveling I do.  Best of all, now that I’m a busy grown up on the go, the brushes redistribute oils along each hair shaft, which helps to keep the scalp from looking greasy, protects hair from harsh winter air, and keeps dry, static-y locks from being too flat. Which brings me to…

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo | I use this stuff all the time, and the 1 oz. travel size is a perfect fit for my purse. It reduces the appearance of oiliness when you wake up in the morning and gives your roots a lift. Plus it smells lemon fresh.

The Laundress New York Sweater Stone | By this time of year, I’ve more or less been living in a constant rotation of three to four favorite sweaters. Nothing makes me feel more disheveled than a sweater covered in pills, which simply seems to be a fact of life for knitwear, no matter how fine the wool. The stone picks up pilling and gently pulls them away, making the sweater look brand-spanking-new.

And lastly…

Baggu Leather Pouch | I need this bag, and all it’s cheery coral-ness, period. How else am I supposed to wrangle all the bobby pins, pencils, elastics, chargers, cough drops and quarters for parking (it’s just too dang cold to walk into town), not to mention the multiple tubes of chap stick and hand cream, that are ratting around in my oversized tote bag? Open top totes sure are pretty, but it’s a lot less embarrassing if you show up to a meeting and all that junk is neatly tucked into an equally adorable pouch where your boss can’t see it. Plus, come summer, it will make an adorable clutch when paired with tan, bare arms, a simple shift, sandals and a statement ring.

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