Renee Paquette to David Glaude

The Island House at Belle Mer was an idyllic wedding location for Renee´and David as they exchanged vows and pledged their love during a September ceremony on the water. “Belle Mer…need I ex­plain?” asks Renee´. “When you walk in, your jaw drops. Exactly the impact we were looking for.”

Renee and David were both born and raised in Rhode Is­land and had met for the first time one evening in Provi­dence.  Renee´ was conducting a business dinner. David was headed for the door.  A gut  reaction told Renee´ to follow and she excused herself from her meal, fol­lowing David to his car. “I knocked on his window and asked him to come back in for a drink,” says Renee´. “He had no idea who I was. And now, near­ly seven years later, we are husband and wife!”

The couple wanted their memorable day to re­flect both simplicity and sophistication. Formed mainly around the char­treuse cymbidium orchid, their wedding fused colors that detailed the freshness of summer and class of midnight blue. A cigar roller and “Clean Shaven Martini” were two party favorites that kept the cel­ebration going. Accents of green apples and Scrabble board pieces were scat­tered throughout, a play­ful add to an otherwise el­egant affair.Memories were made not only on the day of the wed­ding, when Renee´ relished in a morning walk with her father and ate breakfast with her family, but on the days that preceded and followed the wedding celebration as well. The evening before, both families enjoyed a clambake and dessert party for all “out of towners.” The morning after, the new­lyweds and guests shared in a relaxing picnic along Ocean Drive.  “Our goal for the wed­ding was to make it an in­timate party of sorts,” says Renee´.  “We wanted this to be a wedding event that went down in the books.

Reception:  Belle Mer Island House
Photography:  Sara Zarrella Photography
Officiants:  Reverends Charles and Cheryl Cavalconte
Rehearsal Dinner:  The Atlantic Beach Club


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