Q+A: The Amber Room Colonnade, Danbury, CT

The Amber Room Colonnade in Danbury, Connecticut, hosts tailored weddings to reflect every couple’s personality and vision. Douglas Polistena, general manager, heads the experienced staff. We sat down with Doug to learn more about this popular wedding venue.

Q+A: The Amber Room Colonnade, Danbury, CT | Southern New England Weddings

SNEW: How would you describe The Amber Room?
DP: First of all, we are not a wedding factory. Our focus is making everyone’s event a one-of-a kind event. The Amber Room never treats couples as if they are a number. We do our best to make each wedding unique so guests leave talking about the event. Because of our history hosting events, we know some of our clients have been at The Amber Room previously. When a client comes in and has been here often, the staff remembers. This is a venue where someone actually knows who you are and what you like. It’s that personal touch for which our staff tries to go above and beyond.

SNEW: What makes The Amber Room unique?
DP: Another thing that sets us apart is our food. The cuisine is important when customizing a wedding. We focus on that – we want to create your vision. The Amber Room doesn’t serve your typical banquet food. I compare it to going out to a gourmet restaurant. Everything is made here on-premise.

Chef Chris Hatzis heads the kitchen and attended the Culinary Institute of America, where he also did postgraduate work. Chris has a gift and really goes above and beyond. We also have an in-house pastry chef, Monica Banas, who customizes wedding cakes and creates one-of-a-kind desserts.

SNEW: Can The Amber Room host out-of-state couples?
DP: There’s always a challenge when it comes to a bride and groom; many come to us from out of state or country. We do our best to capture their likes, who they are and where they’re originally from. Sometimes we get thrown ideas we’re not familiar with, so we research. For example, The Amber Room hosted a bride from Minnesota. One of her favorite things was beer dip. We did some research and found the recipe. According to the guests, we made the best beer dip they ever had!

We recognize every culture has its own way of doing things; learning about the cultures we serve is a fun challenge.

SNEW: How large is the venue?
DP: The Amber Room can hold up to 650 guests, but can also hold events as small as 40 people. We have two rooms plus our outdoor patio spaces. The West Banquet is 5,500 square feet and the East Banquet is 4,500 square feet. When both wings open, we can provide a 10,000 square-foot ballroom. We also ensure large dance areas as well as separate and adjacent patio areas. Our patios are enclosed in inclement weather.

SNEW: Can The Amber Room host multiple events, and if so, how does that work?
DP: Sharing space with another wedding is always a major concern for couples. Couples should not overlap or feel like they’re sharing space with another wedding.

We can hold up to two events at the same time with 100 percent separation. Guests arrive at separate entrances and have access to private bathrooms. Bridal suites are also private and for use during the entire event – so happy couples won’t be asked to pack up mid-reception. Each wedding always has a dedicated maître d’, attendant and staff.

By Laura Kanzler

Photos courtesy of The Amber Room Colonnade

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