Q+A: Maggie Lord, Founder + Editor of Rustic Wedding Chic

Q+A: Maggie Lord, Founder + Editor of Rustic Wedding Chic | Southern New England Weddings

A self-confessed “wedding junkie,” Maggie Lord, the creative genius behind the well-loved wedding blog Rustic Wedding Chic, knows a thing or two about beautiful, homespun and country-inspired nuptials. Here, she shares a bit about what is going on in her world and how this career got its start.

Q+A: Maggie Lord, Founder + Editor of Rustic Wedding Chic | Southern New England Weddings

What is it about weddings that you love?
I love the romance and beauty that surrounds weddings. There is something so magical about being a part of this one very special day in people’s lives. I always find it amazing how couples make their wedding day unique and personal to who they are.

How did you get started in this industry?
I started in the wedding industry in 2009 while planning my own wedding, and while I was looking for rustic wedding inspiration online, I felt there was a lack of great ideas and images all in one place – that is when I created Rustic Wedding Chic and in 2011, I created the Rustic Wedding Guide which helps couples find vendors for their wedding day.

What type of wedding did you have?
My husband and I got married in the summer of 2009 in a small town in Northern Wisconsin where my grandparents built a summer house over 60 years ago. We were planning a large wedding with over 225 guests so we knew hosting it on our property might be out of the question (I refused to have to rent port-a- potties). We decided to get married in the local church and have our reception at a lodge on a lake about five minutes from our house. We rented the entire hotel and were the only guests for the entire weekend. We hosted four days of wedding events for our friends and family including a golf outing, a backyard party and day-after brunch. One of my favorite things was that my husband and I, and the wedding party, arrived to the wedding reception by boat!

What sparked the Rustic Wedding Chic blog? Why “rustic”?
The ideas for the blog came from a very organic place. I was planning my own rustic chic wedding at my family’s summer home and wanted to share the ideas and resources I was finding while I planned. I quickly learned that the word “rustic” was an umbrella term for brides who were planning a country, farm, lakeside, vintage or barn-style wedding.

What is the best wedding advice {or marriage advice} you’ve ever heard, given or received?
I think the best wedding advice I give is to not expect perfection with your wedding day – it’s really just not going to happen. Highlight in your mind maybe the top five aspects about the wedding day that mean the most to you (local, food, decorations etc…) and do your best to make sure those things meet your exceptions. Beyond that, you have to let it go and enjoy the day!

What are three words that best describe your style?
Classic, Comfortable & Neutral (usually some sort of gray color is involved!)

Can you explain a bit about The Wedding Arrow event – what type of bridal event this is, who will be there, what will be there for brides, what people can look forward to, etc.?
The Wedding Arrow on May 4th in Nashua, NH is a unique twist on a wedding showcase. I created this event with Rambling House Events, a NH-based wedding planning business, to help couples connect with local wedding professionals like photographers, venues and planners and also for couples to meet wedding artists and be able to purchase wedding goodies and handcrafted wedding items.


Maggie’s new book, The Rustic Wedding Handbook (Gibbs Smith Publishing), will be released this summer. This is her third book and a follow-up to Rustic Wedding Chic and Barn WeddingsThe Rustic Wedding Handbook offers brides, couples and wedding planners ideas, advice and inspiration for planning a rustic-style wedding. This book allows readers to join Maggie as she hits flea markets and shops to seek out unexpected items, the ones that will make a wedding day unique, personal and memorable. She also shares her carefully curated lists and links for event planners, wedding dresses, venues, décor, stationery, photographers and rentals. Also included are step-by-step instructions for crafting rustic wedding projects that will add an extra measure of charm and creativity to a wedding day.

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