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Finding the perfect company to handle transportation for your wedding can have as big of an impact on your day as hiring any other vendor. While picking a limo company that fits your needs is one of the most crucial details of a wedding, it often goes unbudgeted and unplanned until the last minute. John Olinger, president and CEO of ROCKSTAR LIMO in Cranston, Rhode Island, offers SNEW readers an expert’s take on why proper transportation service is vital to the wedding day.

SNEW: What is the most important thing for couples to consider when choosing their limo service?
JO: The first thing that a bride or groom needs to do is find a company that’s handled a lot of weddings. There are many limo companies out there that don’t do a lot of weddings, and they don’t have the experience in the particular geographical area where the couple is getting married. It’s crucial for the chosen company to know the lay of the land. Their knowledge of the area factors into the timing, scheduling and itinerary of a wedding day.

SNEW: What’s the most important reason for couples to hire a guest shuttle?
JO: Some people don’t see the value in guest transportation, or any transportation in general. But being able to provide your guests safe transportation is a responsible thing for a bridal party to do, if it’s within their budget. Looking out for your family and friends that are coming, and not putting them in a situation where they can’t have fun or have to drive after too many drinks, is a safe and sensible decision.

SNEW: Are there any common misconceptions about hiring a transportation service that you can refute?
JO: One misconception is cost. Sometimes people think it’s just too expensive, which it doesn’t have to be. If a couple can’t afford to have a stretch limo sit for hours during a reception, they could choose a smaller chauffeured vehicle for their arrival or departure, which saves on money but also allows them to feel special.

SNEW: How far ahead would you recommend couples book their limo service?
JO: We are already taking bookings for 2015. I would recommend people book six to twelve months out. But we have been finding that more people have been booking last minute. That makes it more challenging for us, as well as the couple. Too often we’re the last vendor selected, and nine times out of ten, they’re not going to
get the best deal.

SNEW: Any final tips on how to choose the right limo service?
JO: The biggest thing a couple can do is their homework on the company they’re selecting. Check their reviews, talk to the company—and don’t go with the lowest price. Saving 50 or 100 bucks, in the grand scheme of a wedding, is nothing if it means your guests don’t arrive on time, or a vehicle breaks down. We’re as instrumental in the whole day as anybody else.

By Holly Abney

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John Olinger, president and CEO of ROCKSTAR LIMO


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