Professional Bridesmaid: It’s A Thing Now Apparently

As a wedding blogger, it’s my job to filter through all the wedding madness on the internet these days (and trust me, there’s A LOT) and pass along the info you NEED to know as a bride-to-be. As soon as I heard about the woman offering herself to strangers as a “professional bridesmaid,” I knew I had to share.

After posting a Craigslist ad that “went viral,” Jen Glantz, a writer living in NYC, created a legitimate website complete with different levels of service, the opportunity to pre-order a bridesmaid survival kit and of course, the chance to become a professional bridesmaid yourself…

While the idea behind this is admittedly funny, especially for any of us who have donned the proverbial “you can cut it and totally wear it again” bridesmaid dress, I just can’t take this seriously. Almost every woman I know these days has their own tales of being a repeat-bridesmaid. There’s even been a movie or two about it (21 Dresses anyone?). The idea that being a bridesmaid four times makes someone an expert seems a bit silly, especially since being a bridesmaid can (and should!) mean different things to different people.

Choosing your bridesmaids shouldn’t come with a set of rules, and isn’t necessarily something that needs to be done at all. I’ve been to weddings with one bridesmaid, 10 bridesmaids and no bridesmaids and they’ve all been great, mostly because they were exactly what the couple wanted, regardless of the standard norms. On the flip-side, accepting the invitation to be a bridesmaid should be a choice made out of love for the bride and  shouldn’t come with a list of expectations or demands.  Weddings are a celebration of love all around. The couple’s love for one another is the feature presentation but for many people, the love of your family and friends sharing in your special day is sometimes equally as meaningful.

My two cents, if you want someone to help you plan the ins and outs of your wedding, hire a professional wedding planner. If you want someone you love and trust standing beside you when you say “I Do,” and holding your hair when you throw up at your bachelorette party, enlist a close female relative, BFF, or at least someone you’ve met before!

Check out the Bridesmaid For Hire  and decide for yourself – we’d love to hear your thoughts.


Photo Credit: Dan Gillan Photography

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