Postcard from Beacon Hill

The white, green and cranberry palette of flowers that Misty Florez of Nectar did for our Destination shoot last week worked so beautifully with the moody grey skies over the city. It echoed the brick houses of Beacon Hill, the steely grey Charles river, and the bright green tree canopies dotting the panorama from on high at the Liberty. I love a good summer rainstorm; everything feels more dramatic and romantic! If you remain a cloudy day skeptic, watch this lovely Irish film and it might change your mind. Anyway, back to flowers, the first bouquet was made from phalaenopsis orchids (those to-die-for, large, pure white ones) and had an incredible cascading front to it. The second bouquet was a rich cranberry color and felt soft and wild with bottlebrush blooms of Astilbe keeping it loose. Hehe, this candid of our photographer’s assistant dutifully holding it for Amber makes me smile. Incidentally, photos of grooms holding on to the bouquet seem to be a rising trend…but that’s a post for another day! Have a fantastic weekend, everyone. This kid is making a b-line for the beach. xoxo.





Photos by Caroline Goddard.

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