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Great light, an interesting backdrop,creative composition and a beautiful couple certainly help make a wedding photo fabulous. But perhaps the most important element isn’t something you see; it’s something you feel, both as the subject in the photo and as the viewer looking at it.

As photographers, it can be challenging to get our couples to that place where they feel comfortable enough to let their guard down and share with us the love and joy they feel.

A few years into starting Bello, my husband Andy and I noticed that the expressions our couples had when their friends took their photograph was often very different than the expressions we would get as the “professional photographer.” Let’s face it, most people don’t love having their picture taken and the idea of “posing” for pictures, especially in front of a pro, worse yet, two pros, can be intimidating.

Andy and I found that when we were able to form a real relationship with our couples prior to their wedding, it made it much easier to get those emotion-packed images on the day of. So we decided to add a complimentary “love” session, aka engagement session, to all of our album packages as a way to get to know our couples better and move the relationship beyond business-as-usual to something based more on friendship and trust.

The engagement sessions are very important to helping lay a foundation of trust. It’s one thing to see beautiful photographs of people you don’t know and trust that photographer can do a good job. But it’s something else entirely to see beautiful photographs of you and the person you love and know that your photographer understands who you are and that which makes you uniquely you.

Ultimately, the greatest thing a photographer can offer their couples to ensure they get beautiful photos is an investment of time.


                                   —Christine Ferullo of Bello Photography

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