Paparazzi Proposals: For the Ultimate Engagement Memories

Hello, my name is Allie and I am addicted to the TV show Shark Tank. Anyone else??

Last night I was watching reruns and they featured a company called Paparazzi Proposals. As soon as I hear any words loosely related to weddings these days, my ears immediately perk up and my wedding radar springs into action.

Anyway, the guy had a pretty genius idea that he turned into a business and he wound up getting a deal. Basically, he will help guys plan the perfect romantic proposal and then hide out paparazzi style to capture the proposal undetected. He’ll then deliver all the images to the (hopefully) happy couple. This is definitely a nice keepsake for a few reasons. For one, both parties are usually so wrapped up in the moment that neither one remembers what was actually said, only that she (again, hopefully) said yes.  For another, capturing the surprise and joy on the lady’s face, and the rare, raw emotion and possibly even tears of the man are both moments worth remembering.

Curious to see how the company was doing, I looked up the business and it appears to still be going strong.  The business started in New York City but they now have photographers available all over the country, including Boston and the surrounding areas.

If you want your “yes moment” captured on film forever, maybe casually mention this article (or even send it along) to your man.



Photo Credit: Paparazzi Proposals

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