New Trend: Mixed Gender Bridal Parties

We’re totally onboard with this recent Refinery29 article, which talks about the new rules for bridal parties.  We’ve already written about our love of the mismatched dresses, and gender specific bridal parties are definitely another tradition we think it’s ok to break.

With couples marrying later in life, it stands to reason that the traditional bridal parties of equally matched men and women from each respective side would be a thing of the past. If you’re an only child marrying someone with six siblings and a slew of cousins and BFFs, how could you possibly match bridal party sizes, let alone the gender ratio?

The article goes on to offer tips for making this new trend work, including what they should wear, how to get everyone down the aisle in an orderly fashion and the new rules for pre-wedding festivities.  We’re definitely liking this trend and would love to hear from our readers on their own non-traditional bridal party experiences.  Leave us a comment below or on Facebook and share your thoughts!


mixed gender bridal party

Photo Credit: Megan Forehand Photography via Borrowed & Blue





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