Meet Your Newest Wedding Photographer

The future is now people. The newest hot topic in wedding photography is the use of drones. Yes, those flying “robots” that  may soon deliver your Amazon packages and even your pizza may also be  unexpected guests on your big day. 

According to a recent NY Times article, the use of drones to capture those coveted aerial shots at a large outdoor affair is a not yet regulated, but widely discussed trend among wedding photogs as of late.

I’m all for technology enhancing our lives but in my opinion the best wedding photographers are the ones that “blend in” and capture all those magical little moments that are happening when no one’s posing. A loud and  hovering drone hardly sounds like an inconspicuous presence but hey, anything for the money shot right? 😉

Weigh in! Would you welcome a drone at your wedding?

aerial wedding photo via skypoduk

Photo Credit: Skypoduk

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