Let’s Give Them A Wedding!

A week before Christmas, a heartbreaking story began circulating within the New England wedding industry, but what started out as a tale of senseless tragedy has become a demonstration of the incredible selflessness, collective action and love of wedding industry professionals.  In late December, Plymouth, MA-based wedding photographer Shannon Grant posted this on her Facebook page:


The couple canceled their August 2014 wedding date following Erick (the groom’s) diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, and the estimation by his doctors that he has between six months and a year left to be with his loved ones, which includes his fiancé Jenn, and her young son.

Almost immediately, Grant put a call out to all her working contacts asking for their help: her goal is to give them the wedding of their dreams this January, entirely free.  And help certainly has arrived.  Within hours, everyone from keepsake creators and hair and makeup artists to wedding planners and venues began getting in touch.

There is still time to get involved whether by donation or by volunteering your time and expertise.  To make a monetary contribution, visit Jenn and Erick’s site, http://www.gofundme.com/5u403s.  If you’d like to speak to someone about volunteering your time or services, contact Shannon Grant Photography via the fundraiser’s Facebook page.

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