Labor Day Weekend: SNEW Staff Style

With another magazine under our belts and out to the printer, the team at Southern New England Weddings is ready for a long weekend filled with the best end-of-summer R&R around.  Here’s what members of our editorial and creative departments are up to:

Southern New England Weddings: Destination Edition editor Danielle Raciti is going to reign in her sister’s birthday with plenty of celebration, and (we hope), lots of cake.  How cute are these tiny cake stands from Herriot Grace?  They’d be so perfect for a cupcake wedding, too.  And thyme-infused lemonade sounds like just the right mixer for an end-of-summer party cocktail.  Get the recipe here.


Editorial Director Jennifer Kain DeFoe is, as usual, going to be ridiculously cute and hang out with her husband John all weekend.  Maybe take a trip to the beach, or just spend a peaceful day at home, and she says there’s a “strong possibility of a wine-filled dinner at the Roadhouse (one place I know I can always get a good table).”


Creative Director Chris Lewis is heading to a friend’s house on Lake Sunapee for some good old fashioned fun on the water.  Perfect time to be heading to the (slightly more chilly) north, too: Shipyard’s spicy, seasonal beer Pumpkinhead, which literally tastes like the start of fall, just hit stores!  (Lake photo by Michelle Ford).


Sharon Bartholomew, our Art Director, is “going out on the boat and taking a good book and a bottle of wine with me – sans kids!”  A perfect read for an artistic soul?  Alain de Botton’s book The Architecture of Happiness.  It’s filled with musings on why we are so affected by the spaces we live in, and (therefore) why good design and pleasant homes are so important!  Also, we are suckers for good packaging: this wine get’s an A+.Sharon

Destinations’ Assistant Editor and Editor of Chatty Brides, Caroline Goddard, is heading to the beach with friends, a 35 mm camera in hand.  “My friends know that if they hang out with me, they’re going to get photographed, and potentially blogged about.  This one was taken last weekend in Jamestown.”Caroline

Chatty Brides blogger and social media specialist Allie Herzog is going to take the Newport-Jamestown evening ferry for “an al fresco happy hour at Simpatico followed by a few brews and some tunes at the rustic Narragansett cafe.”  Sounds like a pretty sweet way to get out on the water!  (Ps- this Barbour sweater would be wonderful to snuggle into for the ride home).


What are your plans for the long weekend?  Hope it’s a good one!  xoxo


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