Interview with Lo McShay of LoLo Event Design

Popp_wedding_SNEWed_Benvenuto_02We had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Lo McShay, owner of LoLo Event Design. She’s crafty, she’s cool, and she’s got style like nobody’s business. Seriously, just read the interview. It’s sure to make you want to call her up to grab drinks and pick her brain (We really like this lady. Can you tell?). And after you’re done daydreaming about your new fantasy galpal, go check out the galleries on her website. Special thanks to photographer Kelly Benvenudo for the photos!

CB: How long have you been in this business and how did you get into it?

LM: I started LoLo Event Design just over two years ago. After a career in advertising I wanted to apply my project management and client services experience to my true passion: social entertaining. I noticed that people of my generation were not entertaining the way our parents did so I founded the company with the mission of Making Every Day Eventful & Life’s Milestones Magical. We pride ourselves on the custom designed details we produce in our studio that make every event truly unique.

CB: What are the first questions you ask a potential client?

LM: When I first engage with a client I try to unearth what exactly makes them tick, what makes them unique. I ask question like: how the couple met, how they spend their free time, what their favorite foods are. From there we develop high-level story boards with lots of interior design and fashion imagery to nail their personal aesthetic. These answers fuel the event design process and enable us to create a truly personal space.

CB: What should be the first thing on a bride-to-be’s agenda?

LM: Venue. Your venue & food/beverage costs typically represent up to 45% of your total budget. To stay within a budget its imperative you understand this cost first.

CB: Explain to me why it’s in a brides best interest to hire an event planner

LM: The value of hiring an event planner is to have a trusted resource who can see the 30,000 foot view of your day from both a design and budget standpoint. We can advise you how to best divide the budget pie, so speak, to bring your vision for the day to life. I often find clients are overwhelmed by the amount that goes into planning a flawless event. My goal is to breakdown that to-do list into manageable benchmarks so youre able to enjoy the process while staying on track. Our relationships in the industry will ensure you have the best team of trusted partners working with you. I often remind clients that they shouldn’t know how to plan a wedding if this is the first time they’ve done it! Ultimately, the event planner’s number one priority is to make sure you enjoy every moment of your special day.

CB: Is it something only a few brides can afford?

LM: I understand the perception that hiring a wedding designer is a luxury. However when you look at your total budget I feel strongly that we add value by helping to maximize your bottom line. Our experience ensures you get the most value in every decision you make, enabling us to create your dream vision on budget.

CB: What was the theme of one of your favorite projects?

LM: Currently we’re working on a fresh interpretation of a white wedding. Were playing with a mix of mirrored and Lucite surfaces that is going to create a modern ethereal wonderland.

CB: Where do you find your inspiration?

LM: Everywhere. My husband teases that I’m a horrible driver because I’m always daydreaming. I regularly turn to interior design and the world of fashion for fresh color combinations. I also think restaurants are a hidden source of inspiration, not just for their food but for floor plans. I always recommend a mix of various shaped tables which isn’t always the clients instinct. If you take a look at your favorite fabulous restaurant chances are their dinning room isn’t a sea of 60 rounds so, why should your wedding reception? And vintage anything! I love finding that one vintage treasure to bring it all together.

CB: What are your favorite trends in weddings that you are seeing right now?

LM: I think were starting to see a shift in how we interpret vintage style. I think were moving from rustic chic to turn of the century Newport Glamour. And since I’ve been a vintage addict long before it was trendy, I say bring it on!

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