How A Wedding Photographer Chooses Their Wedding Photographer

By Colby Radomski

If you’re like most soon-to-be- brides and grooms you’ve spent countless hours researching the vendors for your wedding. You’ve read review after review, crunched numbers and read countless articles on how to choose the right ‘insert vendor here‘ for your wedding. Unlike other vendors, like the flowers, the cake and band, your wedding photography isn’t something you’ll see until after the fact and, realistically, is the only thing you’ll be looking back at years down the road. That means careful research and selectiveness (from professional skills to artistic style) are extra important when choosing your photographer. While it’s crucial to ask potential photographers basic questions like “Can you describe your style?” or “What equipment do you shoot with?” we at Southern New England Weddings want to know, “How does a wedding photographer choose their own wedding photographer?”

We asked award-winning Rhode Island wedding photographer Nicole Gesmondi of Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC to tell us how she chose her own wedding photographer and her tips for soon-to-be-married couples.

As a photographer, it’s hard to let go and trust another photographer the capture the day in the style you want. When I was planning my own wedding, photography and video were super important to me. I saw those two things as the only items I would have after the wedding to be able to look back at. (Without sounding too morbid) I wanted to document family members who in a few years may no longer be with us, such as grandparents and parents.

Some things we considered when interviewing photographers were:

1) Style and composition of images

Simply put, did I like the way the photographer’s images look? I personally prefer images that are more artistic and creative and I also wanted to make sure the photographer understood photography so I wouldn’t have to worry to make sure they got the shot and in the right lighting.

2) The personality of the photographer(s)

Did I actually like the person(s) that would be photographing my wedding? Keep in mind, your photographer is with you most of the day!

3) What’s included

We looked to see what types of wedding day coverage they offered—did they offer an engagement session? How many hours of coverage did they provide? Do they offer an extra shooter?

We knew we wanted two photographers, not associates as well as an album to display our images. Professional images deserve professional presentation. Don’t skimp on this album!

4) Would it be a fun experience?

Of course I wanted great photos, but I wanted a fun experience, too. That’s what we offer our clients at Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC and I wanted to make sure I got that too!

5) Price

Photographers are one of the most expensive investments when it comes to wedding planning, so it’s important to think about what your memories are worth to you. Since photography was a top priority for us, we didn’t mind spending more on that and less on something else to get what we wanted. Of course you must be mindful of your budget, but also make sure you understand what you are receiving at the price you were quoted. Very rarely do “cheap,” “quality” and “experience” go together.


Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC


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