Holiday Wreath DIY

Hi everyone, Caroline here.  I’m writing this post from the mountains of New Hampshire, and guess what?  We got WAY less snow than you guys down south.  But it sure has been peaceful/chilly/cozy/relaxing to get out of Newport for a few days, even if it means I have to scrounge for a wifi connection at whatever café happens to be open in my one-horse town.

In between writing blog posts, I’ve been scouring field and forest for interesting dried wildflowers, lichen-covered branches and evergreen boughs because I am determined to make my own Christmas wreath tonight (with the help of a big glass of red wine and a nice fire).   This video by the Finnish clothing company Samuji inspired me to think outside the box a bit, and has also decoded the mysterious wreath into a seemingly feasible DIY.  A wreath like this would be lovely at a winter wedding, too, because of it’s lovely white and blush color palette, don’t you think?

So, what holiday projects are you going to do this year?

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