Here Come’s the Blog: Two Months To Go!

Disclaimer: Currently there is LESS than two months to go – I couldn’t even get this post done at the exact two month mark as planned – which doesn’t bode well for checking off the numerous amount of tasks still left on the big yellow pad of wedding to-dos. I’m a last-minute, works best under pressure, kinda gal through and through and apparently this wedding will be no exception… The good news? I (almost) always get in all done!

If you look online or if your very helpful fiancee happened to have purchased you one of those wedding planning timelines/guidebooks, you might be surprised (see also: overwhelmed, amused, terrified) to find out just how early some people start planning their weddings. Seeing as we’ll be getting married about 10 months after our engagement, I found it pretty comical that I was supposed to have been scouting venues and dresses for about 18 months now…

Now that I’m down  to the two month mark there are all sorts of insane sounding tasks (decide on your “going away outfit??”) and details to attend to, and while they all sound super fun if time and money were no object, they are a bit daunting when you are managing work, a personal life,  staying fit and fab and coordinating travel plans (to an island accessible only by ferry) for you and 100+ of your nearest and dearest. My takeaway? Step back and relax. You’re going to get it all done, and if you’re very lucky, you ideally have (as I do) a very supportive and involved fiancee, and friends and family who are more than happy to lend an ear or better yet, a hand.

Now that I’ve shared my  brief philosophy on trying not to stress out and having faith that you WILL get it all done in time, I should probably go schedule that dress fitting, purchase those wedding rings, get that marriage license – oh and find the perfect shoes… Any advice and words of encouragement welcome!

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