Here Come’s the Blog: An Editor Plans Her Real Wedding

After writing about weddings for more than a year now, I’ll be switching things up a bit. For the next several months, I’ll be writing about MY OWN wedding and all the intricate details of planning that go along with it. Yes, this blogging fool is engaged to a wonderful man who was only slightly intimidated by the fact that I’ve been pinning, blogging and tweeting all things weddings for the past year.

So where do I begin?  I’ve been engaged for about three weeks now and already the planning is in full swing.  One thing I’ve noticed is how truly excited other people get when you share the news. Maybe it’s because my fiancé and I have been together for…let’s just say a while, but whatever the case, it’s been a great few weeks filled with love…and lots of questions! “Have you set a date?” “Where will it be?” “Do you know your theme yet?” (For the record, I knew choosing your colors was necessary, but wasn’t aware a theme was even a thing, guess I’ll have to get on that!)

The questions can be overwhelming and while we wanted to just sit back and enjoy being newly engaged, we quickly realized we should probably get started if we wanted to get married within the next year. Because my fiancé is a teacher, we want to work around the school year which adds another element to our planning process.  Even though we’ve only just begun, here are a few things I’ve learned so far that I thought I’d share.

1) Create a New Email Account: My brother gave me a great first piece of wedding planning advice.  He told us to set up a new, joint email account to use just for contacting wedding vendors. I’ve already done this and I can highly recommend it.  It will keep all your wedding craziness separate from your work or personal email accounts, and will allow you to keep everything in one place. It’s also a good way to share in the planning process since you’ll both have access to the account. If you set it up through Google, you can use all of Google’s handy tools too. We’ve already set up our tentative guest list in a Google Spreadsheet, which brings me to my second tip…

2) Make That Guest List: Make a rough guest list as soon as possible and add a column for maybes.  The first thing every venue will ask you is how many people you are planning on having and certain places may be ruled out right away due to size.  It will also help with estimating costs. Depending on your budget, you’ll know if you have to make any tough choices (such as cutting your second-cousin-twice-removed off the list or limiting plus ones) or if you can add a few of your maybes to the definite column.

3) Enjoy Every Moment! Cheesy, I know, but then again that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? While it can certainly be a stressful time, it’s also supposed to be one of the best times of your life so you need to relax and have a little fun.  After our first night of planning, we were feeling a little stressed out, so we opened a bottle of wine and spent the next hour listening to our favorite songs on Spotify and started compiling our wedding playlist. We laughed as we reminisced about good times, family and friends and it was a great reminder of all the fun to come.

You’ll be hearing plenty more from me as I blog my way to becoming a bride. If you’re currently planning a wedding or just have some words of wisdom to share, I’d love to hear from you! Comment below or email me at

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