Green Wedding Ideas Inspired by Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! In honor of the annual holiday that reminds us to recycle, shorten those long showers and appreciate nature, we’re sharing some of our favorite green and eco-friendly wedding details. 

Mason Jars – Give guests a mason jar favor that doubles as their drinking glass for the night. Add some cute straws and decor and voilà – a reusable glass that replaces the need for paper cups or loads of dishwashing barware.

masonjar_drinks by Brightwood Photography

Photo credit: Brightwood Photography

Tree favors – Nothing says eco-friendly like a good old fashioned mini-tree or seed package for planting.  Bonus points for an original handwritten poem to accompany it!

mini tree

Photo credit: Bridget Rochelle Photography

Garland decor – Go green with this pretty and rustic decor idea.


Photo credit: Birds of a Feather Photography

Eco-friendly Confetti – From recycled book pages to dried flowers to pre-packaged biodegradable confetti poppers, there are plenty of choices these days for an environmentally friendly confetti toss.

eco confetti

Photo credit: Beverley Harrison

Biodegradable Utensils – Perfect for an outdoor or casual fete, save money and the environment by ditching the silverware and replacing it with wooden utensils.


Photo credit: Dan O’Day

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